Water-resistant Shoes

- Feb 11, 2018 -

Most modern popular sports shoes with air cushion design, but this is not suitable for hiking trekking shoes. It is enough to reduce the vibrations of the foot through a special sponge foam structure because the sense of down-to-earthness is often more important and safe for outdoor sports than the softness of air cushions. Relatively speaking, the sole rigidity and wear resistance is even more important. People who climb the mountain know that too much softness in the soles of the mountain often leads to over-fatigue in climbing or walking. And for gravel-covered pavements or rugged rock, the stiffness and stiffness of the sole can play a key protective role.

In outdoor sports, a pair of good shoes can help walk unimpeded. When carrying a large backpack hell and wading, the feet will be much greater than usual pressure

Ankles can be hit in different directions if you need to climb or jump. In these circumstances, to ensure that your feet are not injured, to make their way to their destination smoothly. Before choosing mountaineering hiking shoes, first of all to clearly use the purpose - is to go hiking, climbing, or to engage in other outdoor sports. Different types of activities, there are corresponding hiking trekking shoes, not the most expensive shoes is the most suitable. For example, wearing heavy hiking shoes to go hiking, it seems unnecessary, but also to increase the unnecessary burden on the operation. In addition, the water resistance of shoes is often an important factor restricting the price, but not all activities need waterproof shoes.

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