Product Quality, Performance To The Military Standards

- Feb 11, 2018 -

A pair of military shoes that are truly called military products or standard products shall meet the following conditions:

(1) Produced by regular military enterprises or by military fixed-point units;

(2) product quality, performance to the military standards, the test passed;

(3) The regular army security system circulation, the official distribution of active troops.

In line with the first two, can be called military goods; and 3 all in line to be called the standard products, only to meet the first one, does not meet Article 2,3, can be called civilian products; and 3 are not satisfied, Is purely fake, or called "imitation." Judging from the outside, military boots and military shoes are identified by means of army boots, leather shoes, and sutures that are exposed directly on the sole. In terms of professional terms, this is called "Mingxiu". Military officer shoes, for example, the total military department after 1987 designed 87 military officer military shoes, according to SGB2-102-87 standard, the appearance of the model is still three joints military shoes, the use of glue plus seam structure, the upper is chromium Tanned black cow front leather, outsole for vulcanized rubber at the end, even with the forming, pattern for the grid-like.

After the finished product is made into the factory, the quality of the finished shoes shall be inspected, and the units that meet the standards before being allocated with the force shall be sold to the society as non-standard products. In addition, military shoes outsole in the material also has strict requirements: Genuine military leather outsole material is natural rubber, rubber content of not less than 38%; military civilian shoes and most of the civilian end of the big multi-purpose shoes Recycled rubber, plastic content of only about 15 to 20%. For example, the common strong man's land boots, the soles of the boots in the high-speed grinding machine rotation, if the feel of hysteresis and less dust, you can determine the military version; if feel smooth, and dust larger, can be concluded as civilian.

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