Played An Important Role In Combat, Training, Productive Labor And Daily Life

- Feb 11, 2018 -

Jiefang Xie is the early 20th century, early 50s, with the start of China's rubber industry, the Chinese People's Liberation Army changed from wearing shoes to wear Jiefang Xie. Liberation shoes will become the main force of our army shoes, a wear that is more than 50 years.

For more than 50 years, it has played an important role in fighting, training, producing and daily work in the military. Due to the liberation of shoes made of cotton material uppers, shoes, not strong, the soldiers are often "wear five or six pairs of liberation shoes a year." In addition, the liberation of shoes breathable, moisture permeability is poor, easy to breed bacteria, often emitting unpleasant odor. Some soldiers and even beriberi infection, affecting the training. This pair of shoes called "liberation" can be said to accompany the People's Liberation Army more than half a century. It can even be said that the PLA's merits must be divided into some relief shoes. Since the People's Liberation Army was mentioned, then take a look at its origins and liberation shoes.

"Jiefang Xie has its advantages, such as light and comfortable." "Tiger" a delegation leader Wei Deming said. Before the People's Liberation Army was motivated, Jiefang Xie, which benefited foot troops on the march, made a great contribution. It is indeed much more comfortable to walk in liberation shoes than to wear bulky boots.

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