Conducive To Action And Combat

- Feb 11, 2018 -

First, the flat combat boots for a variety of terrain, you can think about, if made of boots with the words, in the desert or snow is a very difficult thing to do, take a step by step.

Second, most of the Special Forces and SWATs are male soldiers, and even a small number of female soldiers are not going to devise dedicated combat boots.

Third, the special forces combat boots are generally embedded in the bottom plate, used to protect the feet will not be anti-infantry barbed hook and other damage (mine is not, can not prevent). The flat combat boots is the most appropriate design, if it is with the combat boots, then the design of the plate should be changed, the production will be more troublesome.

In addition, the real army combat boots are generally not good to buy, are made by a special military enterprises or companies contracting military supplies manufactured directly to the army, Taobao will not even have.

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