Usability and economy first

- Feb 11, 2018 -

In the military and police ranks of developed countries, military boots have been generally equipped to become the basic configuration of warfighters. What is the difference between the different military boots? This is generally based on the needs of different operational environments.

For example, special police boots are designed for use in urban environments, the target is SWAT, the task of the SWAT is mostly secretive and high-risk, so SWAT boots are mostly soft boots, boots pattern is also more Fine, the reason why this design:

First, to silence, and second, to prevent slippery on the ground, wet in water, through the fine lines quickly arranged on both sides of the water on the ground, boots boots wear resistance is far from military boots . In addition, the special police mission environment is far from the army harsh, so more boots in boots with a sponge lining, in order to increase comfort, but the military boots are different, ready to wade, so boots are mostly single, and breathable Sex is better, the military boots, the use of sex and economy first. Precisely because of the hostile combat environment, the life span of military boots needs to be considered. This is the difference in equipment between the police and the army due to different tasks.

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