Protect your feet from causing sports injuries

- Feb 11, 2018 -

The technical characteristics of outdoor shoes reflected in a variety of technical indicators of outdoor shoes, put it a pair of outdoor shoes should have a variety of functions, I think a pair of boutique outdoor shoes should have at least five functions.

Try to keep your shoes clean, especially after each outdoor activity, at least with a brush to brush off the dirt on the shoes. Most material shoes, can use neutral soap plus water cleaning (be careful not to use detergent to clean), wet

Shoe drain water after the newspaper placed in a cool, ventilated place, avoid using a fire or dryer to dry, so will destroy the shoes material (especially GORE-TEX shoes). Shoe debris clean, remove the insoles to clean. When the shoes are dry, apply a protective leather over the leather (however, GORE-TEX shoes should be careful not to coat the leather over nylon cloth, thus affecting breathability). Coated with leather oil, slowly spread evenly with your fingers, leather to help absorb the oil through the body temperature, and pay special attention to suture at the oil.

Shoes (especially the leather part) should be regular maintenance, it is best to develop habits, cleaning and maintenance immediately after each event. When not in use, keep it in a dry, constant temperature and little dust place, so as to make your shoes more durable and maintain the best condition. After all, shoes is your weapon for outdoor activities, in addition to providing your foot comfort, but also to protect your feet will not cause sports injuries, how can we carelessly?

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