Outdoor shoes have anti-kick toe protection

- Feb 11, 2018 -

Outdoor shoes Whether climbing shoes or hiking shoes, there is a same principle that the toes reach the forefront of the heel leaving a finger wide distance is appropriate, this is the constant standard when trying shoes in the store, why outdoor shoes Leave space to buy can not just wear it? Because the foot in the sport will be slightly longer with the sport a little longer, many of my friends can not find ordinary shoes, and people take into account the design of outdoor shoes down when the shock, so the toes generally do not land. So a little change in the foot , Wear outdoor shoes can feel because the toe will be top toe after the foot is inflated, and the outdoor shoe toe protection is generally hard texture, toe top toe will feel pain, which is why the election Outdoor shoes to buy freshman yards reason.But online shopping, many of my friends can not directly test the shoes, and some shoes because the number of discomfort, call back is a lot of buyers back a headache thing, in fact, ask when buying outdoor shoes The owner is in the version or the European version, the general version of the purchase than usual freshman code absolutely no problem, the European version of the same size can be purchased peacetime, this election will not be wrong if the premise is provided by the buyer The number of yards must be accurate Caixing.

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