Hiking Boot Shelf Life

- Dec 06, 2018 -

Obviously, many factors will contribute to this, including terrain conditions and your own feet.

But, according to the experts, hiking boots of solid construction will carry you for at least 600–700 miles, generally maxing out at 1,000.

What about the fast and light crowd? Well, trail-running shoes go through similar abuse. And many times they step up to do a hiking boot’s job.

“Lightweight-type products like trail running would be on the lower end of the spectrum, at about 400–500 miles,” said Haddad.

Gerritse agreed. As a “rough guide” with KEEN’s hiking line, he told us, “For fast, lightweight products, expect around 400–450 miles.”

And for all you step-trackers, that translates to 1 to 2 million steps for trail shoes and boots, respectively.

So hit the trail and treat your kicks with some love. If you do, they’ll be sure to take you on many adventures.

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