Hanagal partner- About Tecl Wood

- Dec 27, 2018 -

Since its foundation in 1988, King Touch Inc. has been supplying high functional fabric and outdoor wear to its customers.
King Touch Inc. has been designing and creating an amazing and advanced 3 Dimensional effective vision of woods camouflage for the first time to lead the world since 2007. Brand TECL-WOOD was also created at the same time. In March of 2008, King Touch Inc. announced that TECL-WOOD camo licensing opportunities are available and re-enforced this announcement at IWA trade fair 2008. Moreover, King Touch Inc. has been licensing camouflage pattern through water transfer printing technology on hard product since 2012.
Developing more attractive 3 Dimensional effect camouflage patterns is our mission. Besides, competitive offer of camo pattern authorization and good service are the factors that establish the strong relation with our partners.

Share the merit and growth with our partners is the eternal motto of King Touch Inc., and it will be the best partner to team up with for creating the most profitable and promising future.

Let's share with your some of the camo fabric we use for the camo boots




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