By the vast number of military enthusiasts in pursuit

- Feb 11, 2018 -

It is precisely because of these characteristics that military boots are not only widely procured and equipped by the armed forces and law enforcement departments of various countries but also sought after by a large number of military enthusiasts. Even for ordinary people, especially young people who are going out of school or just entering the society, boots that are more serious than basketball shoes and are not as serious as lace shoes are actually a good choice.

However, military boots, after all, is a kind of military. Each pound of weight on the military boots, each piece of material, are based on the battlefield as a starting point, according to the requirements of the war designed and used; and after years of development, the technology of military boots has been very mature, but also in the combat environment Sex is also increasingly obvious. Therefore, not all military boots are suitable for everyday wear, and buy a pair of suitable military boots is also a matter of some brainstorming.

In fact, in terms of suitability and comfort, SWAT boots are more suitable for everyday wear than military boots because the SWAT's main activity and range of operations are mostly in the city, and SWAT boots are designed for this environment. And military boots focus on climbing, grasping, and mud with mud after the flexibility of the big toothed boots, boots boots are mostly used more soft materials, the lines are more detailed, not only silencers, but also non-slip, while wear Much higher than the jungle boots and desert boots. In addition, the mission of the SWAT task far from the military harsh environment, and procurement of much less than the military boots, the cost of the military boots are not so high, so many boots have increased comfort sponge lining, boots are not like Army boots so close, the purpose is to protect the ankle at the same time maximize the flexibility to ensure that SWAT team members can comfortably make such kneeling, squatting and other tactical action. Coupled with the many special police task are sudden, so the convenience of wearing the design considerations, a lot of police boots are equipped with a zipper on the side.

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