Hanagal is not only provider of outdoor equipment, but also a disseminator of outdoor culture;

At the end of the 1990s, Hanagal was founded by the Dr. Footwear Gal and the mountain guide Inaki. The mountain guide often traveled and challenged various environments. Inaki was eager to have a pair of good functional footwear and he had same aim as as the Taiwanese shoe maker Gal. They agreed that the cooperation must have honesty in priority, then the first English letter H of Honest is taken as the first letter. And the two founders are deeply and particularly fond of the study of Chinese culture, and use the pinyin of Han (HAN) and the totem of Chinese dragon Combined, the dragon is a mysterious animal in ancient myths and legends in China and East Asia. It is often used to symbolize auspiciousness and is one of the most representative traditional cultures of the Chinese nation.

Hanagal is mainly dealing with outdoor , military and police tactical boots. It provides trekking crossing, commuting tactics, safety protection, etc. Hanagal has obtained a number of patents, and also has authorized cooperation with world-renowned material vendors Vibram, Sympatex, and Boa.

Hanagal has a strong R&D and quality control team, based on the development of its own brand, and also provides ODM services, and has established long-term and stable business of military supplies and civilian products with many countries in the world.

Hanagal military outdoor shoes, to make it easy to walk everywhere!


• H represents  Honest       • A represents  Action      • N represents  Nature     • A represents  Advocate    G represents  Green       • A represents  Affirmative     

• L represents   Life     

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